Aladdin eToken R2 manipulation tool


16 January 2011


etrtool is a tool for enumerating, administrating and manipulating Aladdin eToken R2 tokens.

Table of Contents


etrtool [-hvliIs] [-t token] [-d [path]] [-r path] [-P password] [-p file] [-f file] [-o file] [-E key] [-D key] [-V IV]


Show help message.
Be verbose.
List attached tokens.
Log-in to a token. By default, password is taken from the terminal. Use -P and -p to provide password from other sources.
Log-out of a token.
Get token status. This is done by looking for a private file on the token, and attempting to read it. If file is read successfully, the token is logged-in, otherwise, the token is logged out. Another possibility is that the token does not contain private files. In this case, the token is just a storage device, and log-in status does not matter.
When key-manipulation is implemented, this action will try and use 2-factor keys as well.
-t token
Token to operate upon. Use this if more than one token is attached. token should be an 8-hexdigits number of the Token ID of the token. Use -l to see which tokens are attached.
-d [path]
Recursively lists entries under path. Use with -v to get more detail. If path is not given, /3f00 is used.
-r path
Reads file in path from token. If -o is given, write token's file to file, otherwise writes to stdout.
-P password
Use password as login password.
-p file
Take login password from file. etrtool will read the first line in the file, and use it as the token's password.
-f file
Use file as data input source. '-' indicates stdin.
-o file
Use file as data output target. '-' indicates stdout.
-E key
Encrypt input data using key key. Use with -f and -o to control source and target files. Default is to encrypt stdin to stdout. Encryption mode is CBC, so use -V to supply an IV, otherwise - an all-zeros IV is used.
-D key
Works the same as -E, but decrypts.
Supply an initialization vector (IV) for CBC mode encryption/decryption. IV is 8 pairs of hexadecimal digits, with no spaces (e.g.: 0011223344556677).

Return Value

etrtool will return zero on success. Any other value indicates an error has occured. (see perror(1))


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